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instant settlements & automated invoicing


our story

cinvio, founded in 2019, launched with a first customer in March 2020. Since then cinvio provides companies in logistics with the tools to not only offer, but also settle their services online. Why? Well, because we noticed that (in logistics) there are a lot of errors in the invoicing and payment process: wrong amounts, wrong parties invoiced, wrong addresses, not to mention the high DSO and the enormeous cost to chase payments. With cinvio all these issues are gone! Trade can prevail again!

who are we

cinvio provides the tools you need to fully digitise sales flows while simplifying and facilitating trade with your customers. All this is boosted by a settlement and invoicing solution that makes these flows smooth, easy and simply possible.

our vision

We are envisioning a world where companies can easily offer their services online and where those services can be paid for even more smoothly online. A world without invoices to be chased, without invoices to be credited, re-issued, resent,...

About Us


fast lane at a deep sea terminal

To avoid waiting times at the gate and speed up the gate-in process transport companies can order a fast lane on the platform or app of a deep-sea terminal.

The amount to be paid to make use of the fast lane is instantly transferred from the buyer’s cinvio account to the seller’s cinvio account.

cinvio sends the invoice for the consumed services to the buyer. This invoice is already paid for and serves for accounting purposes only.

Service provider: DP World (Antwerp Gateway)

container storage on an inland terminal

To temporarily store a container at an inland terminal a freight forwarder or transport company can create an order on the platform of the inland terminal (or on a community platform offering access to various logistics hubs).

Based on the provided data (drop-off date, pick-up date, container type etc), the calculated amount is reserved on the buyer’s account. The moment the service is actually finished, the correct amount is charged.

Service provider: DP World Liège Container Terminal

actual ue cases

VGM certificate at
a weighing station

After the physical weighing of an export container, the shipper can buy the VGM certificate on the platform of the weighing site. The certificate is paid instantly with the funds in the buyer’s cinvio account, which triggers the weighing site to release the VGM data to the shipping line and consequently the deep-sea terminal. As the payment is done instantly also the data can be sent instantly.

Service provider: CertiWeight

reload an empty container from 
a shipping line

Transport companies can avoid extra kilometers by re-using the empty import container for the next export voyage.  On the shipping line’s platform, the transport company can request to re-use an emptied import container. After approval from the shipping line (instant thanks to system integration), the transport company pays for the reload and continues the usage of the same container.

Service provider: MSC Belgium

night access at a deep-sea terminal

To save time transport companies want to pick up import containers from a deep-sea terminal during nighttime. They can order and immediately pay the nightly visit on the terminal’s platform and be on the road and out of the port well before the usual rush hour starts.

Service provider: PSA Antwerp

last-mile transport
at a container yard

Because they want to avoid waiting times at the gate of the deep-sea terminal or because they just cannot drop off the container yet, freight forwarders or transport companies create an order on the platform of an inland terminal to plan the last-mile transport from the inland terminal to the deep-sea terminal. At order creation, a calculated amount is reserved. After the services are finalised the correct amount is hard-charged.

Service provider: Nova Natie

container release at a container terminal

To pick up a container from terminals in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges transport companies need a token-based yearly subscription. Cinvio offers a subscription module with different tiers depending on how many container actions the release parties require. Certified Pick-up is is an obligatory service.

Service provider: NxtPort

subscription for

a platform

In logistics, like in every business, a variety of platforms cater for more digital transparency, optimisation, efficiency,… To also digitise the invoicing part, platform owners can connect to cinvio to settle the monthly subscription for the use of their platform.

Service provider: Hakka

cinvio is currently connected to the below service providers

DP World Antwerp Gateway
MSC Belgium
HUTCHISON Ports Belgium
VD Logistics
LDH Trans


who we are

cinvio provides the tools you need to fully digitise sales flows while simplifying and facilitating trade with your customers.

All this is boosted by a settlement and invoicing solution that makes these flows smooth, easy and simply possible

wins for cinvio users

enjoy a hassle-free service ordering process

use one account to pay for the services of all connected partners - in only one click!

have a detailed transaction overview and document library

increase the reconciliation process

wins for cinvio partners

offer any service to existing customers, but also new potential customers and even to previously untapped audiences

optimise operations and administration

safely and instantly collect the revenue

sit back and relax as cinvio sends out the invoices

benefit from an existing user community of 2000 companies

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